It’s Dark in Here!

How to Keep Your Home Theater Safe

It’s dark in your home theater. Your eyes haven’t adjusted yet. You know there are risers, but you can’t see them yet. The movie’s opening credits come on with an intense bass-heavy soundtrack that rattles you. You recline in your motorized FORTRESS seat to enjoy the movie, and lo and behold, nature calls. We all know how precarious this situation can be, but with a few simple tips, you and your electronic systems contractor can design your home theater with safety in mind.

Smart Chair Means Safe Chair

Reclining mechanisms in home theater loungers can be safety hazards, especially for small children who have a fondness for pressing buttons, and even more so in the dark. But don’t let that deter you from building the most convenient and comfortable home theater possible.

With FORTRESS models, motorization is available for reclining, adjusting seat height, adjusting and articulating the head rest, fine-tuning the chair’s lumbar support, as well as lifts, 1st class tray tables, retractable touch screen, press backs, massage and warming, and hide-a-beds. Swivel and rocker mechanisms are also available.

With all these moving parts, safety is important. First and foremost, theater chairs should be installed properly, making certain the space is stable, sturdy, and the flooring is level.

Our latest Smart Chair technology has safety mechanisms built-in. In addition to allowing the installer to program your FORTRESS Smart Chair to interact with the automation system, Smart Chairs have occupancy sensors. So if someone exits the chair without closing the footrest, it closes automatically after a few seconds. It also detects human occupancy in any piece of motorized furniture, allowing the chair to detect human contact in mechanism pinch points, stopping the motor, reducing damages to the chair, and avoiding accidents.

Light the Way

Lighting is essential to keep you safe in your dark home theater. We’ve heard stories about people tumbling down risers or tripping over their feet on a slanted and unlit aisle. Talk to your installer about installing subtle aisle lighting, or use our Smart Chair technology to tie occupancy sensors to the lighting system. The chair senses you are getting up, and the aisle lights come up to illuminate your way, helping you get that drink or bowl of popcorn without casualties. We also offer illuminated cup holders to reduce spills and slips, and a reading light that lets you do simple and quick tasks in your seat without fussing with the main lighting system.

Whether you’re at the planning stages or are ready to break ground, it’s never to late to think about safety in your home theater. If you have questions about any of our seating models or how to make your home theater safer, drop us a line at  We’re here to help.