Custom Seating Options: Luxury Is in the Details

If you’ve ever hunted for a new home, you know the difference between a tract and custom home. It’s all about details: the step-up fixtures and fittings, bespoke tile, or tailor-made kitchen cabinets.Likewise, at FORTRESS Seating, every chair is created with that same attention to detail.

According to FORTRESS' philosophy, “Every chair is built with the idea that it is completely custom and individual to the person ordering it..."By approaching our designs this way we create seating options that are truly special.”

In this short guide we’ll take you through several options for making your seating just right for your theater, media room, or living space.

Design Details                       

When you look at FORTRESS models, such as our Guild design, ‘cookie cutter’ is hardly the phrase that comes to mind. That’s because this model is adorned with fringe, tufting, gilded nail heads, luxurious fabric and cup holders that are powder coated to match. (For more on choosing fabrics for your seating, click here.) {Add link to materials blog} An extremely popular design accessory are pocket arms that create either a sofa with the arms up or individual seats with the arms down. Whether the arm is up or down the seating looks like a sofa with a continuous back cushion.

Dress Elements like nail heads, embroidered logos, piping, contrasting stitching, diamond stitching, fringe, tufting and custom wood feet, are just a few ways to dress up your unique design.

Make Room for Storage

Let’s face it, in most home theaters and media rooms, there isn’t a lot of room for storage. Likely any usable space in a high-tech room will be gobbled up by equipment racks, sound treatments, and speakers. That’s why we give our customers options for storage within the seating itself. From armrest to ottoman, hinged opening or sliding drawers, there are plenty of ways to create space in your room. Featured here is the Manhattan Chaise with storage for blankets, pillows, or anything you need to stow.


Tray Tables Add Convenience

Having a flat surface in your theater is handy, especially when snacks, or even laptops, are involved. That’s why you need a tray table, which can easily be added to FORTRESS Seating models. We have options like illuminated inset table tops, a removable tray that fits into your cup holder or our 1st Class Motorized Tray Table that is concealed within the cavity of the arm. When not in use, it stays out of sight. 


Classic, rustic, modern, ornate, or simple, FORTRESS Seating will work with you to design the seat of your dreams whether it’s right out of our catalog or right out of your head.