Home Theater Seating: It’s What’s Inside That Counts

If you’ve ever purchased a sofa or chair either online or in a store, you know that quality can vary wildly. While that $700 sectional may have looked great and seemed like a good deal, when your elbow goes right through the arm rest and you have to go through the hassle of returning it (if you can), you start to wonder if it was such a great deal after all. Home theater seating is no different. Quality is not a given, even if you are paying big bucks.

Fortress Seating prides itself on quality – not just on the outside, but the inside as well. Every chair, every arm rest, every chaise lounge is, at its core, made from real wood instead of cardboard or other flimsy materials like some furniture manufacturers use. Below you’ll see a Fortess Seating arm rest in the making, complete with cupholder and an opening for controls. The entire armrest is made of Birch ply and Alder hard wood. And we all know that a strong core makes for a structurally sound body.

Fortress Seating inserts metal t-nuts in all the wood, so the components can be bolted together, and everything is metal-to-metal connections. Below, a Fortress employee uses these metal fasteners to construct an armrest.

While you might think that this extremely comfortable home theater seating is made mostly of foam, even the plush Fortress Seating chaise lounges are built using solid wood. Below, a FORTRESS employee puts the finishing touches on a chaise lounge frame.

If you’re building a media room or private cinema, build quality in your home theater seating shouldn’t be something you compromise on. The last thing you want is to spend a hefty sum on your electronics, only to skimp on the seating and find it uncomfortable and falling apart in a few months. Carefully consider your options and ask questions. Build quality goes a long way toward ensuring that your investment will last a lifetime. With the right stuff inside, you can’t go wrong.