Theater Seats from FORTRESS Go Beyond Customization

‘Customization’ is a term that’s loosely thrown around when it comes to home design. Many companies offer one style of sofa in several different fabrics and sizes and call it a day. Fortress Seating, however, takes the term “customization” very seriously.

Made to Order

For one, FORTRESS doesn’t begin making any seating until an order is placed. The company’s warehouse is not full of standardized chairs waiting to be shipped. And while it may take a little longer to get your seating, clients can get everything from popular models and sizes in popular fabrics and finishes, to anything they can dream up.

For example, one interior designer client came in with an image from a fashion design magazine. It was a picture of a stylish sitting room highlighting a set of ornately patterned, Victorian-style, tasseled chairs. The customer wanted theater chairs that would mimic this style, but look like a couch from behind and theater chairs from the front. Armed with only this magazine photo, FORTRESS went to work.

The team made sketches, pulled samples, and built a prototype to show the customer for approval. The client loved them! This completely custom set of theater seats now sits in the client’s home theater, featuring, plush velvet, golden tassles, and exactly the look the client wanted: Pocket Arms, Fortress Seating’s most popular accessory divide the couch into individual seats, accomplishing the look of theater seats from the front, sofa from the back.

Made to Fit

Another great example of FORTRESS’ dedication to customization is a theater with a curved back wall that could not be altered. Armed with CAD drawings from the installer, FORTRESS went to work to create theater seats that would work within the room’s odd dimensions. Using plywood, FORTRESS went above and beyond, building a template to scale to see how these seats might lay out.

“We like to see how it will all layout, exactly, before we build it,” says Gabi Wolper, vice president of Fortress Seating. “In this theater the installer wanted three seating areas, so we are experimenting with shapes, sizes, and accessories to see how it will all fit in the room.”

Made to Last

Of course, all home theater seats that FORTRESS builds are inherently made to last. See our recent blog post, “Home Theater Seating: It’s What’s Inside That Counts,”  for details on Fortress Seating build quality to read all about what goes into building seating that lasts a lifetime.

So next time you hear a manufacturer’s ability to create “custom” solutions, really stop and consider what that means. If you’re building a media room or private cinema and need theater seats to match room dimensions, want custom finishes, fabrics, arrangements, and even ground-up design, FORTRESS does it all. Like Wolper says, “If the client can sketch it on a napkin, we can build it.”